Robertsville Construction Company began construction activities in early 1998 at Tarlac City with 144 townhouses and 288 units of row houses. The company was the first to introduce underground electrical wiring. The concept of Robertsville City was “a city within a city" because of its first subdivision with complete amenities such as a swimming pool, playground facilities, hotel, and commercial area inside the subdivision.

After a year Robertsville decided to move to Baguio City where we became one of the general contractors of Camp John Hay Development Corp. building townhouses and part of suite hotels inside Camp John Hay.

The year 2008 was when Robertsville Construction Company built its own 6-storey condo building with a scheme of rent to own in which all of the 16 units condo units were sold. Because of this, Robertsville Realty was registered as a corporation and decided to build 126 condo units with the same scheme at Marcos Highway, Tuba, Benguet.


To become an active partner in community development and nation-building by providing quality condominium units and by helping the government in socio-economic development through additional employment opportunities that the corporation is trying to generate for our people.


To become an active player in the construction industry where it operates and to see a construction industry where the quality of condominium units and services are the basis of competition to have a progressive and self-reliant community where unemployment is no longer a problem.

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